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​菊池 裕子

​Kikuchi YUKO


所属/担当/Faculty Role芸術学 大学院修士課程(芸術学専攻) 大学院博士後期課程(美術工芸専攻)

Professor of Aesthetics and Art History. Responsible for teaching undergraduate, Graduate programme and PhD supervision.


学位/Academic Qualifications
ロンドン芸術大学(チェルシーカレッジ)美術史学 博士 (1999)

PhD, History of Art and Design, The University of the Arts London-Chelsea College of Art & Design, 1999


専門分野/Research Interest


 Reflecting my multicultural background, my research interest falls broadly in the cross-cultural dimensions of arts in the modern/contemporary period. My particular interest is ‘craft/KOGEI’ in the cultural and discursive site of ‘East Asia’ as a case for investigating the relation between modernities and cultural identities in the colonial and postcolonial context. I’m currently leading an international joint project focused on translating and writing modern design histories of East Asia with an aim of integrating its development into the global design history map (funded in the main by the UK government AHRC and the NY Metropolitan Center for Far Eastern Art Studies). Through my other ongoing project ‘Russel Wright and the Cold War Design in Asia’ (funded in the main by National University of Singapore, Smithsonian-Terra Foundation, British Academy), I’m exploring transnational methodologies that enables the writing of multidirectional visual and social cultural histories.


経歴/Academic Appointments
1994-2019 ロンドン芸術大学-CCWカレッジ及びトランスナショナルアート研究所、上級研究員・准教授 Senior Research Fellow/Reader in History of Art and Design, CCW (Chelsea-Camberwell-Wimbledon) College and TrAIN (Research Centre for Transnational Art, Identity and Nation), University of the Arts London

1989-94 シェフィールド大学、東アジア研究所、研究員
Research Associate, School of East Asian Studies, University of Sheffield

2005-09 ロンドン大学-バークベックカレッジ、修士課程日本カルチュラルスタディーズコース、講師 Associate Lecturer, MA Japanese Cultural Studies, Birkbeck College, University of London

2009-11 英国王立芸術大学、修士課程アジアデザイン史コース、非常勤講師
Visiting Lecturer, MA Asian Design History course, The Royal College of Art

2009-11 ヴィクトリア&アルバート博物館、日本のデザインディプロマコース、非常勤講師 Visiting Lecturer, ‘Japanese Design’ diploma course, The Victoria and Albert Museum

1996-2014 大英博物館―ロンドン大学東洋アフリカ研究学院、サザビーズ/クリスティーズ―ロンドン大学東洋アフリカ研究学院、           

Visiting Lecturer, Asian Art Diploma Courses, The British Museum-SOAS, SOAS- Sotheby’s/Christie’s

客員教授/Visiting Professorship
テラ財団―スミソニアンアメリカ美術館 The Terra Foundation Senior Fellow in American Art at the Smithsonian American

Art Museum (2015-16)

英国学士院―フランス極東学院(プノンペン) The British Academy-ASEASUK ECAF fellow at École française d'Extrême-Orient

in Phnom Penh (2014)

石橋財団日本美術史客員教授―ハイデルベルク大学 The Ishibashi Visiting Professor at Heidelberg University (2014)

国立シンガポール大学アジア研究所 Asia Research Institute at the National University of Singapore (2011)

英国学士院―台灣中央研究院The British Academy fellow at the Academia Sinica, Taiwan (2001-2)


主要研究業績/Selected main publications:
単行書・編共著書/Monograph, Edited books and Book chapters
2019 ‘Modern Design and the Politics of Bamboo: Charlotte Perriand and Her Exhibition Selection, Tradition, Creation in Japan (1941)’ in Le Monde Nouveau de Charlotte Perriand, Paris: Fondation Louis Vuitton with Gallimard.


2019 ‘Transnationalism for Design History: knowledge production and decolonization through East Asian design history’ in Ann Massey ed., A Companion to Contemporary Design (since 1945), London: Blackwell.


2016 Yuko Kikuchi, Tingyi S. Lin and Wendy Siuyi Wong eds. Making Trans/National Contemporary Design History (10th Conference of the International Committee for Design History and Design Studies Proceedings), Sau Paulo: Blucher.


2016  ‘The Cold War Design Business of John D. Rockefeller 3rd‘, Penny Sparke and Fiona Fisher eds., The Routledge Companion to Design Studies, London and New York: Routledge, pp. 518-530.


2016 ‘Minor Transnational Inter-Subjectivity in the People's Art of Kitagawa Tamiji’ in Bert Winther-Tamaki and Ken Yoshida eds., Commensurable Distinctions of Modern Japanese Art History, Special Issue of Josai University's journal-the Review of Japanese Culture and Society XXV, pp. 266-284.


2015 Negotiating Histories: Traditions in Modern and Contemporary Asia-Pacific Art, Special Issue of World Art, 5-1.


2015 ‘The Craft Debate at the Crossroads of Global Visual Culture: re-centring craft in postmodern and postcolonial histories’, World Art, 5-1: 87-115. (online)


2014 Yuko Kikuchi and Yunah Lee eds., ‘Transnational Modern Design Histories in East Asia’, Special Issue of The Journal of Design History, 27-4.


2013 ‘The Evolution of Mingei into the 21st Century’, ‘Mingei Are you Here?’ exhibition at Pace Gallery, London and New York, pp. 7-9.


2012  ‘Shui-Long Yen and Vernacularism in the Development of Modern Taiwanese Crafts’ in Shui-Long Yen: The Public Spirit, Beauty in the Making (顔水龍:走進公衆・美化台湾), Taipei: Taipei Fine Arts Museum. (in Chinese and English), pp. 300-313.


2007 Refracted Modernity: Visual Culture and Identity in Colonial Taiwan, Honolulu: University of Hawai‘i Press.


2005 ‘Japan and the Mingei movement’ in Karen Livingstone and Linda Parry eds., International Arts and Crafts, London: V&A Publications, 296-311


2004  Japanese Modernisation and Mingei Theory: Cultural Nationalism and Oriental Orientalism, London: Routledge Curzon.

2002 ‘The British Discovery of Japanese Art’, Co-author with Toshio Watanabe. In Gordon Daniels and Chushichi Tsuzuki  eds, The History of Anglo-Japanese Relations 1600-2000, vol. 5,Tokyo: University of Tokyo Press  (Japanese version) and Palgrave (English version), 146-170.

1998 ‘Hamada and the Mingei Movement’, In Timothy Wilcox ed., Shoji Hamada, Master Potter, London: Lund Humphries/Sussex: Ditchling Museum, 21-25.

1997 Ruskin in Japan 1890-1940: Nature for Art, Art for Life, Tokyo: Cogito. 「自然の美・生活の美―ジョン・ラスキンと近代日本展」(シェフィールドラスキンギャラリー、郡山市立美術館、神奈川県立近代美術館)

研究論文/Journal articles and published papers

2013 Introductory paper ‘東アジア圏のトランスナショナルデザイン史に向けて Towards a transnational design history in East Asia’ (keynote address) and a research paper ‘Making a Transnational Design History in East Asia: 顔水龍の工芸デザイン運動 Yen Shuilong's Craft-Design Movement' presented at ‘Oriental Modernity: Modern Design

Development in East Asia, 1920-1990’ symposium as part of the ‘Japanese Crossing Borders―Asia as Dreamed by Craftspeople, 1910s–1945’ exhibition at MOMA Tokyo, Design History (The Journal of the Design History Workshop Japan), 11: 89-92 and 93-99 (in Japanese), 135-139 and 140-149 (in English). 2012 ‘The Cold War Design Business of Russel Wright and JDR 3rd’, The Rockefeller Archive Center publication.

2012 ‘re: focus design—Design Histories and Design Studies in East Asia’ (Part 3:Conclusion), Journal of Design History, 25-1: 93-106.

2011 ‘re: focus design—Design Histories and Design Studies in East Asia’ (Part 1:Introduction and Japan), Journal of Design History, 24-3: 273-282.

2011 ‘American Consumption of Japanese Design and Development of ‘Japanese Modern’ during the Occupation and Cold War’. In Toshiharu Omuka ed., Studies on Audience and Reception of Art in Japan, Tokyo: The Japanese Ministry of Education, Science, Sports, Science & Technology-KAKEN, 112-124.

2011 ‘Visualising Oriental Crafts: Contested notion of “Japaneseness” and the Crafts of the Japanese Empire’. In Shigemi Inaga ed., Questioning Oriental Aesthetics and Thinking: Conflicting Visions of ‘Asia’ under the Colonial Empires. Kyoto: The International Research Center for Japanese Studies, 211-235.

2010 ‘The Question of “Japaneseness” and the Creation of the “Greater Oriental Design” for Crafts of the Japanese Empire’, in Tána Dluhošpvá and Ann Heylen eds., ‘Literature, History and Culture of Taiwan: Past and Present’, Special Issue of Archív Orientální/Oriental Archive, 78-3: 215-242.

2008 ‘Yanagi Sōetsu and Korean crafts within the Mingei movement’. In J.E. Hoare and Susan Pares eds., Korea: The Past and the Present: Selected Papers from the British Association for Korean Studies BAKS Papers series, 1991–


2004. 2 vols., 80-91. Folkestone, Kent: Global Oriental.

2008 ‘Russel Wright and Japan: Bridging Japonisme and Good Design through Craft Design’, Journal of Modern Craft, 1-3: 357-382.

2005 ‘Yanagi Sōetsu et l’artisanat traditionnel japonais’, Dossier de l’Art, 118: 62-71.

2001 ‘Sources of Inspiration: Takeshi Yasuda’, Crafts, 173: 46-49.

2001 ‘Li Mei-shu and the Sanxia Zushi Temple: Taiwanese Vernacular “Modernity” In Comparative Perspective’, The Proceedings of the Papers at the Symposium in Commemoration of Professor Li Mei-shu’s Centennial organised by Taipei National University of the Arts, 190-204.

2000 ‘Yan Shuilong’, Crafts, 162: 24-25.

1998 ‘Shōji Hamada Master Potter Exhibition and Conference at Ditchling Museum’ Crafts, 155: 51-52.

1998 ‘“The Harmony of Contrasts”—tapestry art by Shigeo Kubota,’ Crafts, 150: 56-57.

1997 ‘Tomimoto Kenkichi’, Crafts, 143: 22-23.

1997 ‘Hybridity and the Oriental Orientalism of Mingei Theory’, Journal of Design History, 10-4: 343-354.

1997 ‘A Japanese William Morris: Yanagi Sōetsu and Mingei theory’, The Journal of the William Morris Society, XII-2: 39-45.

(研究業績外部リンクSee further
翻訳/Selected Translation Work

2019 世界の金箔展 ’Gold Leaf Across the World’ Exhibition、金沢市安江金箔工芸館 (Kanazawa Yasue Gold Leaf Museum)

2018 ‘Crafting Japan from Materials and Techniques’, Creation of Japan for the London Craft Week

1995 The Khalili Collection Meiji Art Catalogue

1994 The National Gallery Companion Guide

1993 Mito City Nanatsudō Park Design Project

1991 National Portrait Gallery Visitor’s Guide

1991 Sheffield Ruskin Gallery Visitor's Guide


展覧会キュレーション/Exhibition Curation

2017 Gurcharan Singh and his Mingei collection, The Government Museum and Art Gallery, Chandigarh
2005-06 International Arts and Crafts (Japan Section) at the Victoria and Albert Museum; Indianapolis Museum of Art; and Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
1997 Ruskin in Japan 1890-1940: Nature for Art, Art for Life at Koriyama City Museum of Art; The Museum of Modern Art, Kamakura; and The Ruskin Gallery, Sheffield



学会・学外活動/Key Roles and Membership in Academic Associations, External Work
International Committee on Design History and Design Studies (国際デザイン史・デザイン学学会ICDHS) 運営理事会委員,

2016 ICDHS10周年国際会議議長 『デザイン史学』(デザイン史学研究会Design History Workshop Japan) 編集諮問委員

World Art (University of East Anglia/Taylor & Francis) 編集諮問委員

East Asian Journal of Popular Culture (Intellect) 編集諮問委員

Journal of Design History (Design History Society, UK/Oxford University Press) 編集委員 (2009-13)

意匠学会、British Association for Japanese Studies, Association for Asian Studies (USA), European Association for

Japanese Studies, College Art Association (USA), Inter-Asia Cultural Studies Society (IACS), Crossroads-Association for

Cultural Studiesの会員
Consultant for the BBC Japanese Art programme アドバ イザー 
Consultant for the BBC ‘British Ceramic’ programme アドバイザー

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